Hotel Near Bonelli Park Pomona


The 1,975 acres of park facilities surrounding the lake offer a variety of recreational activities: family and group picnicking, sight seeing, hiking, horseback riding, jogging, nature walks, a recreational vehicle (RV) and group camping, a water-theme park, calf-roping, bird watching, spa facilities, golfing and bicycling. To ensure an enjoyable day of recreation in a safe and clean environment, the facility is patrolled by law enforcement officers on horseback and in vehicles with mobile unit accessibility; maintenance personal are available throughout the area. Also, for your safety, the Mounted Assistance Unit regularly patrols the many miles of trails within the park, providing first aid and other assistance to humans and animals alike. This volunteer organization has been active at the park for many years and through its fundraising efforts has made major improvements to the park’s equestrian facilities.